World Water Day was celebrated at Sevasi Vav. Ananta Foundation held an awareness event at the Sevasi Stepwell (popularly known as the Vidyadhar Vav) on 22 March, celebrated as the World Water Day. The foundation has adopted the Stepwell for two years and will be carrying out its regular cleaning and upkeep. They intend to make that space more meaningful and useful to the public at large by holding events there from time to time. To kick start the process they had organized beautification of the entire Stepwell premises by lighting lamps and flower garlands. Sweet Jal-Tarang music accompanied by melodious strains of the Shehnai by the Gaekwad Brothers made the occasion truly festive. Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil spoke about the importance of conservation of ground water and how the old city planners ensured there is ample percolation avenues. Our Heritage Trust, Vice President – Mr. Sameer Gaikwad spoke about how the Stepwells were an inclusive part of life in the arid regions of Western & Central India. He also gave a brief overview about the state of dilapidated Stepwells in & around Vadodara and how efforts are being made via a citizens initiatives to document them on a web-portal (