Nature + Heritage Walk: Wadhwana-Dabhoi /  Bilapur- Began with a drive to Wadhwana Lake to spot the winter migratory birds here with ace ‘birder’ Avi Sabawala. After breakfast the group drove on to Dabhoi- from the Hira Baghol Darwaza to other gates of this ancient town with Chandrashekhar Patil as the guide. After lunch they headed to Bilapur to see the wall-paintings in an old forgotten town but rich with heritage.
‘The world of Vishwamitri’ an exhibition of photographs that showcased the seosonal Vishwamitri river by artist, conservator and historian Chandrashekhar Patil were   showcased at Splatter Studio.
The Parsi Chronicles: Udwada & Navsari – an exhibition of evocative photographs by Homiyar Tavadia on the Parsi community was showcased at Nazar Art Gallery inaugrated by Shri Baman R. Kama.