The Heritage Club for children was established. Workshops on traditional terracotta toys for 140 children, 7 schools, and visits to Hajira, the only Moghul monument in Baroda for 627 children were held. Visits of children to the Baroda Museum were accompanied by informed guides and slide shows with the Department of History on Secular Historical Sites for 200 children were organised.

The Trust revived the Shehnai Chowghadia programme of Gaekwadi Baroda. This is an important zural heritage of the city, where the Shehnai was played from the palace gates at fixed times every day. We even located the same family of shehnai players whose descendants were in the city and still playing the shehnai. The programme was held at the Leheripura Gate, where the Gaekwad Brothers played early mornings thrice every week. It was inaugurated by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.