CITY MUSEUM – An Executive Committee meeting of Heritage Trust was organized at the Collectorate Office under the Chairmanship of the District Collector, Shri. Vijay Nehra, to discuss the starting of City Museum as well signing of an MOU between the Collectorate, the Municipal Corporation & Heritage Trust for the same. Shri. Karan Grover, President, Heritage Trust, said in the meeting that it is the outcome of 7 years sincere work of Heritage Trust that the City Museum is going to happen.

Shri. Grover said that the District Collectorate and the Heritage Trust had, in the past around 7 years back, discussed that the Saloon Shed, situated on the Vadodara Railway – Chhani Road, including its location, would be an ideal place to have a City Museum, the concept of City Museum being promoted by the Chief Minister of Gujarat for “B” Grade and “C” Grade cities. Subsequently, the MOU for the City Museum was signed by the Collectorate, the Municipal Corporation & Heritage Trust.

It was also decided that the City Museum shall house those artifacts which are presently not being displayed by the Baroda Museum on account of them being duplicates, or surplus, or on account of lack of space. Such artifacts shall be obtained on loan by the City Museum from the Baroda Museum. The State government would facilitate transfer of relevant exhibits from Baroda Museum to the City Museum. Apart from this, the City Museum would also display artifacts that increase the understanding of any aspect of Vadodara city, received as gifts from the citizens of Vadodara or from any other person, institution or organization or purchased by it.

The file of the Museum was sent to Gandhinagar. Shri. Karan Grover spoke to Shri. Bhagyesh Jha and was told that the Chief Secretary says that it can be done without the government involvement and can be looked into by the Cultural Secretary. Its work is going on.

A workshop on Water Conservation and Heritage Awareness for children was conducted on 15th, 16th & 17th February 2010 at the Navlakhi Vav, Luxmi Villas Palace Compound with the sponsorship of Federation Samaj Kalyan Trust.